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V.A. Shiring, 2019

V.A. Shiring, 2019

V.A. Shiring, 2019


In the middle of winter and at the beginning of the New Year, we publish our 4th release. We also introduce our new members cp9 and resilient.

The opening track "Shiring" is a soft, dance floor oriented music. One of the main features of this song is the dinginess or presence of the Moog bass while the floating pad sound culminates. It was written by David Salow our label boss. His last EP is performing very well on the label charts.

The second track "Cyberspace". The crunchy effect and the special atmosphere make it a catchy song.
This track is a collaboration between David Salow and cp9 (other name CP). CP is also a Hungarian producer.

We warmly welcome our newest member resilient. This is his debut release on our label. His sounds are absolutely massive. The track is a bit darker but it has a real melodic vibe with emotional pads and a groundbreaking kick. We can't wait for his next music.


Artwork by Ariella




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