Quadrivium Vol 02 release with 88Dubs

Quadrivium Vol 02 release with 88Dubs

As we mentioned earlier our good friend 88Dubs will have a new release on Steyoyoke recordings.

Steyoyoke's own Quadrivium series reaches it's second edition; introducing an impressive showcase of talents from a squad of ascending names, brought together to fulfil an astonishing V.A. pack that will surely be recognized as a definite must-have.
Opening the works comes Lost Soul, who delivers "Falling", bringing a striking mechanic rhythm with the perfect seasoning of organic elements like a distant piano melody identified all across the song. A strong cut to get you in the mood for the journey.
Next up is "Glint" from Simon Prod. A hypnotic arrangement of kind beats and highly-skilled synth work with chaotic displaying of elements and frequency distortions.
"Cyclope" from Modul Art is a comforting melodic affair with ups and downs of tension that make the atmosphere darker each time, leaving you in a hurricane of tech-textured sounds.
88Dubs closes it up with "Circumstances". The most groovy and percussive set from the pack, also demonstrating skillful usage of the tech-sounding elements, all amongst a psychedelic trip through a gloomy soundscape.
Quadrivium Vol.2 is a flawless issue of Steyoyoke's ambitions in the universe of sound design and texturing, this time shared by a few upcoming talents who seem to fully comprehend it.

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