How Coronavirus is affecting the electronic music scene

How Coronavirus is affecting the electronic music scene

We are so sad to read this but here's a summary of the global impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, officially specified as COVID-19, on festivals, clubs, promoters and the electronic music scene at large.

Updated: March 12th


• Mannheim festival Time Warp has cancelled its upcoming edition, planned for April 4th and 5th.


• At least two more Berlin clubs announced closures today: Tresor and OHM, until April 20th, in line with Berghain's announcement yesterday. Kraftwerk announced the cancellation of its "The Long Now" event.


• The Dutch cabinet is prohibiting events with 100 people or more until March 31st. Amsterdam club RTM then announced it's cancelled all upcoming events.


• The German government has banned all events with 500 people or more.


• Clubbing Spain has compiled a list of all the cancelled and postponed events and temporarily closed venues in the country.


• Ableton Loop in Berlin has been postponed from April 24th to 26th until April 2021, according to a statement today.


• Lithuania's Opium Club has cancelled all events from tomorrow through April 17th "due to recent restrictions announced by the Vilnius city municipality."


• The Irish prime minister, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, has called for the cancellation of indoor events with more than 100 people and 500+-capacity outdoor events, in effect from 6 PM local time tonight through March 29th.


• Tbilisi club Bassiani has "call[ed] off club nights for some period of time... Please be assured that we dance together, even in isolation."


• Brussels Listen! Festival has postponed its 2020 edition, initially planned for March 25th through 30th, until November 10th through 15th.


• Resident Advisor has closed all offices—London, Manchester, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, LA, Tokyo and Sydney—sending all staff to work from home. We will continue to provide our coverage and services as normal.


• Japanese festival Rainbow Disco Club has cancelled its 2020 edition, which was planned for April 17th to 19th.


• In a rare address to the nation, President Trump revealed the United States will issue a 30-day ban on travel from Europe to the US, excluding the United Kingdom as well as US citizens, permanent residents and their families. The ban will go into place Friday, March 13th.


For more details visit Resident Advisor website.

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