DBR podcast #016

DBR podcast #016

Welcome to the last episode of this year. This month David brings his favourite tunes including Fideles, Reset Robot, 88Dubs and many more. Enjoy the show!! The tracklist included.
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01. Hunter-Game - Isolaton (Original Mix)
02. John Monkman - Lacquer (Original Mix)
03. Fideles - Kalotypse (Original Mix)
04. Yotto - Wilderness Girl (Undercatt Remix)
05. 88Dubs - Rosso (Original Mix)
06. Pete Tong, John Monkman - Placebo (Original)
07. Adana Twins - Flower of Cane (Original Mix)
08. Tone Depth - Errors (Original Mix)
09. Reset Robot - Velleity (Original Mix)
10. Joran Van Pol - Captured (Original Mix)
11. Dan Kubo - Postcard From Cassini (Original Mix)
12. SanFranciscoBeat - Cyclic (Adwer remix)

Artwork by Ariella


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