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David Salow - Kostrena

David Salow - Kostrena

David Salow - Kostrena EP


David Salow presents Dumble Records second release the 'Kostrena EP'. On this single there are 3 own tracks and, in addition, a remix from 88Dubs.

Kostrena, the title track can be a real club favorite with its minimalist traits and simplicity.

88Dubs made a great remix from Kostrena, embedding his own style that gives a deep sound in comparison to the original.

'Earl Hates Rules' is a real energy bomb that captures the listeners with its melodic world.

'Run away' is a sort of a closing track that can present a perfect finale to a DJ set. With its soft pads, rhythmic groove and analogue sound it could be a great choice for the late hours.


Artwork by Ariella





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